Why Regular Social Media Posting is Important to the Success of Social Media Marketing and Business Promotion

In the modern age of the internet, social media has become a defining tool in increasing a business’ public profile, as well as a means of more effectively advertising one’s brand, products and services due to its’ reach. Social media has allowed us to freely and routinely broadcast our thoughts, ideas and creations - being an ideal avenue for brand promotion and social media marketing.

Many firms and businesses recognise this and have adapted to this model for better reach and customer rapport. This blog post will outline why regularly posting on social media platforms is highly beneficial to the success of social media marketing, and what businesses should seek to do.

Improves Customer Relations

The relationship between a business and its customers is a significant aspect of its success. Regularly posting as a social media marketing strategy allows a consistent and open channel of communication between the two parties. It allows the customers to stay in the loop regarding a business’ service updates, products, as well as an easier avenue to submit queries or praise. For businesses, regular posting can allow them to gain greater insight into how customers feel about the quality of their products and the manner in which they run their services. This helps with more effectively tailoring content  

Similarly, posting regularly communicates to your customers that you are present and active in your goal to ensure a positive channel of communication. Being active through  your social media marketing indicates a willingness and availability to help, something that is key in relaying a business’ concern for customer satisfaction.

Betters Positioning in Search Engine Results and improves Social Media Marketing

The position of business’ site or web page in search results is central in increasing its reach.  Search engines index pages based on factors such as relevant keywords, word count and other similar aspects. The more frequently a business is able to post, the better their chances of positioning higher on search engine result pages (SERP). This can allow brands to effectively dominate search results and gain more traffic to their site or social media page. Regular posting by brands is an effective way to improve social media marketing via increasing search engine positioning.

Enables Marketing Research

The more frequently a business posts on social media and interacts with their customers, the greater understanding they will develop in regard to the energy customers exhibit towards their products and services. Frequent posting also provides  “a cost-effective solution to marketing your brand” (The Marketing Folk), making it easier to conduct research without worries for cost.

Via social media marketing businesses are able to indicate which posts garner the most reception, and also the quality of feedback - whether positive or negative. This can help increase conversions via their pages and posts. Conversions in this context are a measure of visitors and their actions on sites linked out from social media posts. Content and services can be tailored more efficiently to meet the demands of customers and very important information can be inferred from customer interaction. Overall, frequent posts will only deepen understanding of customer behaviours which allow for more informed and effective business decisions.

Builds Brand Prestige

In our current climate, people are very vigilant concerning brand quality and the integrity of their services. Many people are magnetised to brands that exhibit a high level of expertise in their given services. Providing regular informational posts regarding these matters can help improve a brands renown and increase reach via word of mouth.

First impressions are fundamental to a brand's social standing, short and long term. Especially for brands that have a designated specialisation in a specific service or function. For such businesses it is all the more important that they are able to regularly update their pages with relevant and informational content about their services. Building brand prestige is a trait that can be developed effectively via regular posting on social media. The reputation of a brand’s prestige has great influence on their social media marketing success. 

Regular Social Media Posting Maintains Customer Attention

The average user who browses social media and the internet in general is constantly being bombarded with an insurmountable wave of information. Because of this, the capacity of customers and visitors to retain the content of your brand is diminished. Whether it be a pop-up for a new household appliance, a trending video or a news post the struggle for the attention of people browsing the web is a never-ending one. There are many apps available that can help to improve social media marketing by scheduling posting, and one such app is Post Magic. 

If a business’ post is not occupying the attention of potential viewers, it is guaranteed that another brand, post or other form of medium is doing so. Hence why regular posting on social media by brands is an important strategy. The more often your content can be noticed on a timeline, not only will your exposure grow gradually but also the retention of viewership for it will also grow. This is a key factor in social media marketing as it helps maintain brand relevance. The moment you have lost the interest of your customers or viewers, the more of an avenue you provide for your competitors to seize the attention and capitalise on that.


Social media marketing is a beneficial tool that should be taken advantage of by businesses to ensure the growth and potential of their brand is maximised. Regular scheduling of posts is an effective way to ensure this. The benefits of being able to do so are numerous, ranging from increased brand visibility, optimal search engine positioning, improved customer relations and to being an important means of building brand authority.