What Image Optimiser Is And How To Use It

Here when you are in the Post Magic dashboard, on the right hand side you can see a small image icon. When you hover your mouse over it, you will see the title Image Optimiser. If you click on it, the image optimiser will be opened. The function of the Image Optimiser is to optimise your images. What does it mean - to optimise images? Let’s say you get one image from online or from your camera. The size of such images can often be 1 to 10 MB. Images that are 10MB can be quite big for internet usage. If the images on your website are large, your website speed will become slower. Also if your image size is big these images will soon take up a lot of space in your Post Magic system. Usually image optimization requires usage of Photoshop or similar software. Therefore Post Magic created this system so that our users can avoid using expensive software and so that they can do image optimisation from within Post Magic itself. To start the image optimisation process, you need to first simply upload your image here in this image optimisation area. Now click on this button and choose this image. Now that you have opened this image, you have several options now related to what is the purpose you will use this image for. The default is set for the Facebook cover image. You can see that the crop function is already set for this ratio. But if for example you want to use the image for Facebook share, click on the FB Share button here and your crop function will be automatically set according to the necessary Facebook share ratio. We also have here, for example, Facebook Events, Instagram and Instagram Stories. Let’s say I want to make an Instagram story. Let’s click on it here and we can see that the aspect ratio is automatically set according to what is needed for Instagram Stories. Let’s try Instagram itself. We can see that the ratio here is square. Let’s crop it and let’s select the area we want to use. And let’s now click on Crop and Download. Once you click on Crop and Download, the system will automatically initiate the image download function. This image will not only be downloaded with the right aspect ratio, but it will also be optimised with regards to the file size. Let’s now see what is the difference before and after optimization. Let’s go to our folder. Here we can see that we downloaded this image. Let’s see what the optimised image size is. Let’s now right-click our mouse. If you use a Mac, go to Get Info. If you are using Windows, go to Properties. Here you can see that the image size is 54.6 KB. Let’s now see our original image. Let’s right-click on this one and let’s go to Properties. You can see here that the image size here is 154 KB. Let’s for example now download an image from the internet, for example, from FreePik. Let’s go to freepik and search for some eCommerce related images. Let’s now download this free image. Now let’s see what is the size of this image. Let’s right-click again and let’s go to Properties. We can see here that this image is 7.66 MG large. One megabyte consists of 1024KB, which means that 7.66 MB will be almost 8000 KB. This is not a good size of image for online use. Let’s now do the optimisation and let’s see what size we get after the optimisation process. Again, let’s go back to Post Magic. Let’s click on this “Select image” option. And let’s choose this big image and let’s click on Open. Now this image is being uploaded. Now that uploading is done, let’s choose Instagram and let’s crop it however we want. I think this area will be best in this case. And let’s now click on Crop and Download. Now this image has been optimised. Let’s now see the size of this optimised image. As we can see here now the size of the optimised image is only 251KB. If you remember, our original image was almost 8000 KB large. Hopefully it is now more clear for all our viewers why and how we should use the Image Optimiser.