What A Watermark Is And How To Use It

In your Post Magic account you can see that we have watermark functionality. If you want to promote your brand logo or if you want to add some text-based information, you can add a watermark on your images here. Let’s say we want to add a particular image as a watermark. This means that any post that we will sent to our social media channels will have that particular watermark or logo. To do that we need to first upload that particular image or logo. To upload that particular image or logo we need to click on the Upload button. In the next window, let’s choose one image and click on Open. Once we have uploaded the image, we can position this image by using this position tool. We can choose top left or top right or centre, or bottom right – we can change the position of the image using this position tool. Also, we can change the size of this logo or this particular image by using these sliders. Also here you can see an option called Transparent. Using this transparency slider we can control the opacity of the image or the logo. If we slide the slider to the left, the visibility will be diminished. If we slide it to the right side, the image will be less transparent and more visible. Let’s set it to 70 which is the standard for a watermark. Now let’s click on Save. Now that we have our watermark, let’s take a look here on the side where we have 3 different social media channels – Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. We can make this watermark appear in a different way for each of the social media channels. Let’s say I want to show it on Facebook. I selected Facebook. Now, let’s say I want this watermark to appear in the top left corner. Let’s choose this position and let’s click on Save. This new watermark position is now set only for Facebook. For Reddit I may want to change the position of the watermark to bottom right. To do this simply click on Reddit, and now click on the bottom right-hand side using this position tool. And click on Save. This means, when I make a post on Reddit, that watermark will be shown on that particular post in the bottom right-hand side. Let’s now set this watermark for Twitter. First choose a Twitter account. Then go to the position tool. Here I want to put it in the centre. Now I need to click on Save. Now you can see that if I choose a Facebook account, the watermark will be shown in the top left side as we wanted. If we choose Reddit, it will appear in the bottom right corner. And if I choose Twitter, it will appear in the centre. This is how watermarks work and how you can use those.