Quantity vs Quality in Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing strategy is invaluable to any organisation or other venture where the goal is to promote. Social media presents a wealth of opportunities to reach various audiences and attract new customers. And it is one of the most accessible ways to do marketing.

When conducting our marketing on social media, the issue arises in striking a balance between quantity and quality.This has been a topic of debate since the advent of social media marketing.

Quality concerns how efficient our marketing strategies are - doing more with less. Quantity involves doing more in hopes of having a bigger impact to achieve successful marketing results.

This blog post will discuss both aspects of social media marketing strategy, and which to consider more when carrying out social media marketing.

The Benefits of the Quantity Approach in Social Media Marketing Strategy

The use of quantity when carrying out social media marketing strategy can be highly effective. With every post you create, there is a likelihood that it will arise in someone’s social media feed. Posting frequently on social media can be great for achieving initial brand exposure and awareness. In addition to that, regular and consistent activity in social media will help your website to rank higher in search engine ranking positions (SERPs) as search engines are monitoring these activities and are rewarding active businesses and organisations with higher rankings. 

On social media there is a constant competition for the attention of users who browse the site. Whether it be a viral video, an ad for a new piece of clothing, users’ attention is always in demand by other businesses.

Because of this, frequent posting across all your social media platforms is a great way to bypass this issue. Frequent and regular posting can be especially beneficial for newer companies – the more regular the posts are, the greater the potential for increased brand awareness and reaching niche audiences. There are useful platforms out there which can make this process easier. For example, social media management platform Post Magic is a great tool for reaching a higher number of people via social media. It enables businesses and organisations to post content across all their social media platforms with just one click and thus makes it easier to reach a larger amount of people with less effort. Moreover, businesses are able to schedule posts in advance and use many other efficient features.

The Benefits of the Quality Approach to Social Media Marketing Strategy

The quality is where the true value lies however. Effective social media marketing strategy requires quality in the content being posted. Well thought-out posts, and tailored services are a couple of ways to market on social media with quality.

Quality is something that is necessary to actually retain consumers. People appreciate authenticity and effort when appealing to their interests. In the current market situation, consumers are valuing a ‘less is more’ to their purchasing habits. For this reason, consumers are gravitating towards quality-centred brands. Brand loyalty is a dominant factor in business success, and quality can achieve this.

Advertising is a great way to carry out quality social media marketing. Consumer’s eyes are more likely to stop by an advertisement that is based around quality and authenticity. Industry Insights, reports that 52% of consumers are more loyal to brands that focus on quality and understand their needs.

Consumers want to feel like brands understand and cater to their preferences. Quality product marketing has a strong influence in consumer loyalty. Regardless of how great your product is, if the marketing is done poorly, it will not receive the sales you want.

Therefore, it could be argued that consumer attention is in and of itself a form of currency. Brands must do what they can to successfully market to consumers. The longevity of their business depends on the purchases of their consumers. This is why quality is such an important factor to social media marketing strategy. 

Striking a Balance between Quality and Quantity with Social Media Marketing

Regardless which approach you favour, it is necessary to have a blend of both with social media marketing. Ultimately, the approach you choose will be subject to the current state of affairs with your business. It is definitely advised to tailor specific content for specific platforms, there are many businesses in the beginning stages who simply need to increase the quantity of their posts and therefore post the same or similar posts in many platforms. As in the beginning stages, they don’t have the marketing budget to pay for the social media ads and they don’t have money and time to develop super high quality content specifically crafted for each particular platform.

Even though the content is not qualitatively different for each platform, posting regularly in all major social media platforms will still help the business, because it will increase the reach of each post. It also signals to search engines that your company is active and consistent in multiple social media platforms and for this reason search engines will rank your website higher in search engine results.

Quality will be something to focus on more when your business starts to take off and you have sufficient budget and time.

Your goal is to figure out a viable quantity of content within your budget. Once you start to post regularly and often, you can then use the feedback you receive from your social media posts to inform you about the type of content that performs best and what specific qualities to emphasise more in your future endeavours of social media marketing.


Ultimately, the debate concerning quality and quantity when doing social media marketing is not only an “Either/Or” question. Instead a balance between the two must be found. In some cases, it may be better to initially focus on the quantity of posts to help with reach, exposure and brand awareness. On the other hand, quality alone will not give sufficient results if the regularity and quantity is not there – high quality but rare posts will not draw in sufficient amount of interest and customers. Similarly, high quantity of poor-quality posts, especially when done very crudely, is a recipe to push away potential customers.

Ultimately, it’s down to you as a business person or marketing professional to understand the state of your business or organisation, find the right balance and make the necessary adjustments to your marketing strategies.