Over View Of Post Magic

First of all, on the left-hand side we can see the menu bar. If we hover over the mouse here, the menu appears fully and we can see all the menu options. First, we can see the dashboard here. All of your social media accounts that you have added into the system are displayed here. Also, you can see the analytics here. For example graphics like this one. But currently in this dashboard there is no data as in this account there has not been any activity yet. However, you will be able to see here how many posts you created and how many posts have been successfully posted, as well as how many posts have failed to be posted, and your total number of posts. Next option here after Dashboard is Publish All. In the Publish All tab, I can create a post. Also, on the left-hand side you can see an option called “Add account”. It means that I did not add any accounts yet such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social media accounts. Had I added accounts there, those would show up here. You could then select all of them, then you could create a post and simply click on the “post now” button and this post would then be published on all the selected accounts at the same time. Let’s say you are creating a post for Facebook, but you plan for the same post to be posted on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business or other social media platforms. What we usually do is we create separate accounts for each of the social media channels, then we log into each separate account, and then we post in those platforms individually. But when you are using the “Publish All” function, a single post can be distributed to all of these channels in one go. Next, you can see the Facebook option here. It is self-explanatory. If you are planning to make a post specifically on Facebook, then this is where you will come and you will click on the “post” button and then you will get the same overview here. And here if you create a post, it will be published in Facebook in that particular Facebook account. Let’s take a look now at another option here under the Facebook option called Livestream. With the Livestream function you can do Livestream on Facebook. This function works with pre-recorded video. You can upload this pre-recorded video here. Then you have to simply fill in all these necessary fields and click on Post Now. Once you do this, your pre-recorded video will be live on Facebook as a Live video. Also you can first upload the video and then schedule it for later. That is, you can set a particular date when you want to release that video. Now, let’s go back to the menu bar. Here you can see the Twitter option. You can also see here an option to create a Twitter post. You can also schedule that post for later. And here is also the Analytics option. When you are running a campaign, and have some activity on your posts or in your accounts, all this activity will be visible in this Twitter Analytics window. Also, you can see here the Direct Message option. If someone sends a message to you, you can reply to those messages from within the Post Magic system. Next, here you can see the Trends option. Trends allows you to understand data about newest trends. This can help you to choose a topic on which to write a post or run a campaign. Right now no trends are shown here as we did not add any Twitter accounts in our Post Magic system. We have the same tools here for Instagram too. We have the Post option here and the Livestreaming option which will enable you to do live streaming. You also have Analytics here which will show you all the analytical data, and the Direct Message function which will enable you to send direct messages from within the Post Magic to your followers in Instagram. Next, we also have LinkedIn here. Here with the Post option you can post or schedule a post on LinkedIn. And with Google My Business we have the same functions here available as with the other social media accounts. About Google My Business it is important to highlight that if you are involved in any eCommerce business or you want to promote your own website, being active in Google My Business and regularly submitting posts there can definitely increase your chances to get a good position in Google. Further on we can see the Team option. Team option is quite self-explanatory. By using this function you can add your team members to your account in a way that they can have a particular level of access. This is especially useful if you are running a social media management agency and you manage social media accounts for other companies. In this case you may need to add multiple people here. To do this simply locate this area and invite here any of your team members. You can also allocate each particular team member a specific access level. Hopefully this clarifies what is Team manager. Next, here you can see the Schedule. Here you will see some posts and you will see which post will be posted on which date. You can see the history of your schedule here and you can also schedule a post from within here. Let’s say you choose a date and then you click on Add Post. Now you can create a post and that post will be released on that particular date. This is how the scheduling works. Next, you can see the Account Manager. Main thing you can do here is to add your accounts, such as Facebook profile or Facebook page or Facebook group. Also Instagram profile or Twitter profile or any other social media channels compatible with Post Magic. After you add a social media profile or page or group you can later delete those here from this area. And this is how the Account Manager works. Also we have here the File Manager. Here you can add your images or video or any other media. Once you click here you will see the Upload button. When you click on the Upload button, you will be able to import any media that you want. Here you also can see a Dropbox button, a OneDrive button and link. This means that if you integrate your Dropbox and if your other team members are uploading files into Dropbox, then you can have direct access to files in your Dropbox from within the Post Magic dashboard. And similarly with OneDrive. Further on, here we can also see an option called Group Manager. From the Group Manager you can access all the groups that you have added to your Post Magic system. Next, we have the Caption option here. When you are making any post in Facebook or Twitter or other social media channels, in the post creation area you will find an option called Captions. Let’s say I am adding a caption now. My caption will be “Hello World”. Now let’s click on Submit. Now my caption has been added to my system and I can either delete it or I can add more captions. Some days you may have more time available and maybe you add hundreds of topics as captions on that day. Then once you are adding a post you will see that the system will give you the option to add captions too. Then if I click here, any caption I have previously created here will appear in this list, and you can just choose the caption from here. For example, you can see that this is one of the captions I created earlier. If I click on it, this caption will appear in my post description. One way to use captions is as follows. When you have some free time you can create multiple captions and then later when you are creating a post you can use a caption from the list of captions you prepared earlier. Also you can give access to this functionality to one of your team members who has good writing skills and they can create the captions for you. If, for example, someone else is efficient with photo editing or creating other digital content, but not so good with writing, they can simply get the captions prepared in advance by someone else and make the posts that way. This is one way you can benefit from using Caption functionality. Furthermore, we have an option called Watermark. If you want to add a watermark, you can simply upload your company or brand logo here. And save it. Now whatever post you are creating and publishing to any of your social media channels, that post will be published with that watermark or with that logo. Now, let’s discuss this top bar. Here is your profile name. And near your profile name you will see one small image icon called Image Optimiser. Image Optimiser is useful in situations when, for example, you download images from online or upload those from your camera. Frequently these images will be very heavy, even 1 to 10 MB large. Such heavy files are not suitable for social media or any other web related usage. Also, if you want to use the Post Magic system you will have a limitation of space. For example, I have a limit of 500 MB. This is not a lot. Therefore if your one image will be already 10MB large, then you will not be able to store many images. So if you click on the Image Optimiser, in the next window you can then choose your image here, upload it and the system will optimise the image for you according to the settings compatible with various social media channels or other web usage. We will have a special video dedicated to Image Optimiser and it will help you to learn how to use the Image Optimiser. Now, let’s go back to the Dashboard. Here is a button called Upgrade which is self-explanatory. If you click on it, you will be able to upgrade your plan. Next, we have a button called “Start UK Dropshipping”. This is here because Post Magic is created by a company called Getshop Today. Getshop Today is a UK-based eCommerce platform and they provide dropshipping service. If you are interested in starting a dropshipping business, simply click here and it will take you to the main Getshop Today offer page and if you like that offer you can then subscribe to it.