How To Make A Post In Social Media Using Post Magic

Post Magic supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit or Google My Business. But before we create any post, we need to upload some media to our File Manager system. To do that let’s just scroll here and click on File Manager. We can upload content from a computer or Dropbox or OneDrive. You can easily integrate your OneDrive or Dropbox account with post magic system. In this particular video I will upload the media from my computer. I am clicking on the upload button and now I can choose any media file I want. I am clicking on one of the images here. Then I am clicking on Open. Now I can see that this image has been uploaded into our File Manager system. Similarly, I would like to upload another image. I am simply choosing the image here and clicking on Open. Now immediately you can see that this second image has also been uploaded. Now you can create a post by using any of these images here and you can submit the post to any of the social media channels you want. Also, if you want to add any messages on the image itself, then you can do this basic editing here inside the Post Magic system. To do that simply click on this pencil icon and the image will be opened in the editor. Here on this image I can do some basic editing. For example, I want to change this colour. Let’s change the tint. Then I can choose any colour I want. You can even choose a colour code and copy and paste it here and the colour will change accordingly. Now let’s say I want to write something on this image. To do that I choose the Text tool, and now I can type here whatever I choose, for example, “Hello World”. Now I can also change the colour of this text. I select it and then I can change the colour to white. Now I want to make the font bigger. I can also place the text anywhere I want. And I can also make the text even bigger by using the transform function like this. Let’s say this text content is ready now and we want to post it on Facebook, Twitter or any other supported social media channel. To do this simply click on the Save button shown on the top left-hand side. Now this file is saved into your File Manager. You can see though that your original file remains as it was. The system created a second copy with the new design. In the future if you want to use the same element to create any other type of design you can do that. Now we know how to add a media file into our File Manager and we also know how to edit these images if needed. Now, let’s go and let’s create one post. I am going to Facebook now and I am clicking on Post. In this window you can see 3 different tabs. Media, Link and Text. First, we want to add some media which we can get from File Manager. Now let’s click on the File manager and I can choose any image I want to. I am choosing the first one and I am clicking on “Add”. We can choose an image not only from the File Manager, but we can also upload an image directly from our computer or Dropbox or from OneDrive. Now that we have our photo, we need to add a caption. I am writing “This is a test post”. Here underneath you can see that you can save this caption so that you can use this same title for any other post. So, for example, in future if you need to use this same caption again, then you can simply click on the caption button here and choose it. Now this caption will be applied to this post. Also, here you can see the Schedule option. It means this post can be scheduled for the future. Right now we want to test it and we want to see how it works. If we click on the Post Now button, we will see this message. This means that we didn’t select any account where we want to submit this post. To fix it we need to click here on the account we want to post it on. Now if I click on Post, my post will be now successfully published. Now let’s go to Facebook, and let’s see how this post appears. If I go to Facebook and refresh, I will see that this post is already on Facebook. Now we know how we can create a post. You can create a post in several different ways. Let’s say you are an eCommerce website owner and you want to post your product into Facebook. In this case you don’t need to add any images from File Manager or from your computer. You can simply go to your website and copy the URL of that product. I copied this URL and now I am going back to Post Magic. Here you can see the tab called Link. Simply enter your link here. This Link function will automatically grab the image in your website. Now we need a caption here. I am copying the product title and then I simply put this title in the caption area. I also want to add a small description of the product. To do this let’s go back to the website and let’s copy the description from the website. You can also type it yourself. Let’s now go back to Post Magic and let’s paste the description here. And finally let’s click on Post Now. The post has now been successfully published. so when your Facebook followers click on this image, they are redirected to the page of this particular product on your website, so that your customer can purchase this item from your website. This is one of the benefits you can achieve by creating a post using a link from your website. Now let’s imagine that you want to make a scheduled post with 30 different products so that every single day Post Magic automatically publishes a post with a new product into your Facebook feed. To do that we need to create a similar post here and we have to now click on the Schedule. Now in this new area you can choose a date. Let’s say I choose the 19th day of the month. You can also choose what time you would like to post this post. I will choose 9am for this particular post. You can also click on Now. If you click on Now, the computer will capture your local time. Finally click on Done. Here you can see a notification “Repost Until”. This asks whether you want to re-post this post one more time. If so, you can choose the date. In this case let’s say we want to repost this same post on the 20th day of the month again at 9pm. Click on Done. After you have set this up, click on Schedule. Now this post will be in this case scheduled for 19 of May 2021 at 9am and again this post will be repeated on 20th of May 2021 at 9pm. If you now go to your Schedule option in the main menu, you can see here that you have scheduled one post for Facebook on the 19th day of the month. And this is how you can create a post and how you can schedule a post using Post Magic.