How To Create An Account In Post Magic

In this video we will learn how to create an account in Post Magic. To create an account in Post Magic simply go to Google and type “”. Once you are in the Post Magic website, click on “Get Started”. In the next window you can see your sign-up form. Enter here your full name, your email address, your password. Next, confirm your password. I have set up my password here. Now click on “I’m not a robot”. Next, also tick-mark here to accept the Terms and Conditions. And then click on Sign Up. Your signup process has been successful. Now let’s use the same email address we signed up with – you will use your one. Enter the password here as well. Next, click on “I’m not a robot” and on “Log in”. Here you can see a message saying “Your account is not activated”. You need to go now into your email and you will see that Post Magic has sent you an email with a verification link. You need to click on that link. I am now going back to my email. As you can see here, I have not received any email from Post Magic yet. In such cases it is advisable to check your spam folder as well. You might see your activation email there. Let’s go to the spam folder. As you can see here – the activation email has been delivered here. In this case, first I will select this email and click here to mark it “Not spam”. Simply click here on “Not spam”. The email will come in the inbox now. I am opening the email and now I can click on the verification link – then my account will be activated. It was important to inform Gmail that the email is not spam by clicking on the “Not spam” button in the spam folder. This will help us in the future, because if I will have any type of communication with Post Magic, I will not miss any emails now from them. For this reason it was important to mark this email as “Not spam”. Now I will click on this verification link. In the next window you can see a notification “Your account has been activated successfully. Let’s start experiencing the great features.” Now click on “Log in”. Now simply enter your username or email and password. Click on “I’m not a robot”. And finally click on “Sign in”. Now we have successfully logged into the Post Magic dashboard. This is how we can create an account in Post Magic.