How To Add Your Social Media Accounts To The Post Magic System

In this video we will learn how to add your social media accounts to the Post Magic system. To add your social media accounts we need to go to Account Manager. Click on Account Manager Then here you will see a list of social media channels that we can add into our system. Let’s start with adding a Facebook page. To do this, I click on Add Facebook Page. I am now redirected to Facebook itself. Also, you can see here a notification that “Post Magic will receive your name and profile picture”. When you see this pop-up and notification, simply click on the button that says “Continue as” (here will be your Facebook profile name). Click on “Continue” and in the next pop-up click on OK and click on OK in the next window too. Now let’s choose only one of the pages listed here. I choose GlassBit and I scroll down. Click on Add Profile. Now you can see that I successfully added one page. If I want to add any group, I can similarly click on it and add the group. Also, if for any reason you want to delete this page from Post Magic, you can simply click on the delete button here. Please bear in mind that when I clicked on the Facebook page, the system took me directly to Facebook. The reason why the system did not ask me for a Facebook username and password is that – as you can see in this tab – I had already logged into my Facebook account beforehand. For this reason it would be best if you first log into your Facebook using any other tab. Same applies to Twitter or Instagram - it is much easier to add any of these accounts if you are already logged-in using any other tab. Let’s now add a Twitter account. If I click on “Add Twitter Profile”, a new window opens and here you can see that I didn’t log into Twitter beforehand. Therefore the system is asking to enter my username and password. Let me enter my username or email address as well as my password here and then let me just click on this button “Authorise app”. In the next window the system is giving me the option to add this profile. Let me click on add Profile. Now my profile has been added successfully. And this is how we can add all of these social media channels in Post Magic. In our next video we will learn how to create a post in any of these social media channels using Post Magic.